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Design Photography

Strong, Sharp and Clearly Focussed

Images that inform instantly and bring complex concepts or ideas to life.

Different photo imaging applications can be employed to effectively transform the mediocre to the memorable. Our talent lies in taking original or stock photography then applying the appropriate digital applications to produce an attractive and consistent page style.

Design photography that focuses your brand credentials

The role of photography within the visual elements of your brand is significant. A strong visual idea becomes the representation of inherent brand values. So careful consideration of the visual gain is needed.

There are a number of ways and techniques in which images can underpin your story. In defining and deciding on images we ask direct questions. What reactions are invoked? How will they support the text? Do they reflect the brand and its values? What features or details need be highlighted? The answers can make or break a campaign.

Keep it simple for online publishing.

Complex, detailed images might look wonderful on a brochure or a billboard, but they almost never work well online. Ideally your photos should be clean and attractive with an organized composition that highlights detail.

Images on websites are much smaller and their quality is much lower than in print. Simple images, strong composition and close-ups with a clear focus work well.

Choosing bespoke or stock photography for your website.

  • Do your images need to convey any information?
  • How do you want them to support the message?
  • What impression are you trying to create?
  • Will your images require digital retouching?
  • Will they need credits or captions?
  • How are you fixed for batch processing for quick and easy website loading?
  • Will they need to be updated, using a content management system?

With a clear brief in place you can start to narrow down the kind of pictures that will fit your purpose. Quick snaps with your digital or mobile camera can seem a quick and easy option. You may get away with this in some circumstances but amateurish photography will put off many users.

Creating a consistent visual theme depends a great deal on employing proven design photography techniques that engage the viewer. With this in mind Studiografik can help choose and source the right images for your online publishing or print project.

Whatever you're looking for - exciting, fresh, informative or experimental - we can provide engaging bespoke or stock photography tat is strong, sharp and clearly focussed.

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