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A Free Creative Blueprint for making more of your website, marketing and branding.

Whatever the size of your project, from small to extra large, Studiografik recognize that you and your brand are unique. As such there's no typical design brief, however we have developed a Creative Blueprint to define the decisions that save you time, effort and money in the long run.

Studiografik will help you formulate an in-depth creative brief that will objectivify your aims, define clear goals, realistic budgets and schedules. We'll sit down with you and identify any existing assets that can be utilised and offer ideas for any new material that will help you get the results you're looking for.

We're happy to put something on paper for you.

The most crucial reason for a thorough briefing process is to provide peace of mind for all concerned. The brief should ensure that almost all eventualies are covered and eliminate the need for any costly misunderstandings. It can help you monitor the work so you get the maximum returns from the project and money you're investing.

Since the scope and complexity of any brief is unique to each client, we find the best approach is to define clear aims, identify existing text or images that can be re-purposed and identify any additional content that would add value to the project.

Taking the time to go through all the criteria at the outset will save you both time and money in the long term. Studiografik will gather together all the relevant information about your organisation and objectives relevant to the project. This helps each stakeholder get a better understanding of what is attainable.

Seeing the creative ideas we construct applied to your individual needs alongside an affordable budget will give you the best means of making the right choice.

Identifying the key elements and criteria that the camapign or project will have to fulfil will help determine the treatment and content of the solution.

The Creative Blueprint we devise for your project will allow you to modify any aspect of the design and give you the final say on costs and schedules.

Now is the time to get your project of the ground. Call Studiografik direct on 0749 268 4339, email or post your project here.


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