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Graphics and Icons

Eye-catching Iconography

Graphic illustration can be a powerful and influential means of engaging your audience.

There are numerous different illustrative styles and treatments that can be employed to complement the information and relate directly to your viewer.

Before drawing any graphic artwork we look closely at the nature of the information, where the illustration will be seen, it's purpose and who will be seeing the artwork.

Bespoke or stock graphics to make more of your visual aids.

  • Data Graphics
  • lllustration
  • Icons
  • Infografiks
  • Photo imaging and digital retouching
  • Technical Drawings

Bringing together the visual elements.

Visually attractive and interactive pages can be a powerful and influential factor on an audience. But many people don't consider the value illustrations can add their digital publishing.

Any well-designed content will have a good balance of text and images. As the eye is instantly drawn to the images the reader is pulled into the story. There are numerous different illustrative styles and treatments that can be employed to complement the information so it relates directly to your viewer.

Graphics and icons designed to reflect your brand.

In today's digital marketplace a strong and consistent visual brand is one of the important tools any enterprise can employ. Many new businesses may not have a lot of "photo-worthy" opportunities or the budget to employ bespoke photography. Adding graphics, icons, technical illustrations or infographics as part of their brand marketing can enhance the content and strengthen your offering.

Icon designs from Studiografik

Icons can be valuable clues for better inter-actions within website text and links. They can be sourced online or created from scratch in a style that reflects your brand. Custom drawn icons can become a unique signature that gets your brand off the ground.

Depending on the style and sophistication of the illustration, Studiografik can create graphics, diagrams, charts, and technical drawings in-house, commission a specialist illustrator or source suitable stock art. From simple line-art to a full colour representation, we look to create the right mood and message for the subject.

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