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Studiografik archive of digital design news and web publishing articles.

Catch up on news articles about our digital design work in content creation, brand building and web publishing.

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Wake Up to Making More of your Business Online

If you're stuck for ideas & inspiration, we're on hand to get your project up and running with all the design content you need for engaging websites, online marketing, visual branding, print promotions and business presentations.  [ ...> ]

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Download Free Stock Photos from Freeimages.

Find and download free stock photos - all free for personal & commercial use. [...>]

Marketing in Print Matters image

From design to desktop print still has an important role in advertising and marketing success.

The landscape from which we collect and exchange information has irrevocably changed. With social media here to stay, pragmatic choices need to be made between customer relationships and returns. Marketing in print will have to play an even more significant, creative and integrated role your media communications than ever before. [ ...> ]

Wherever, however and whenever you wish to demonstrate your enterprise in a colourful way, there is a print format to fit the bill.

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Print is not dead. In fact it is more important than ever. With the ease of which content that can be put on a website and the amount of information available for internet users, print provides a unique opportunity to really distinguish yourself in specific, extraordinary and creative ways. [ ...> ]

Are your readers rushing past you?

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Most browsers live in the fast lane, in weaving in and out of content hoping to arrive somewhere that sparks their interest. As they speed past, you and your message can get overtaken or lost in the blink of an eye. How do you get past the two second attention challenge? [ ...> ]

Download a personalized calendar for yourself, your business or organisation.

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Stay on schedule while adding a bit of beauty to your office walls with professionally designed 2020 calendars.
[ ...> ]

If you could pick one colour for your logo what would it be and how would that influence your branding?

Eggs in colour image

"In the Pink", "Blue Sky Thinking", "Purple Prose" terms that all use colour to evoke mood. The same philosophy can be applied when choosing colours for a business or product logo. Colour matters and getting the combination to work for you in a postive way will enhance your brand with the people you are trying to attract.  [ ...> ]

How professional designers can use design synectics to create impressive content.

Visual engineering image

Ideas fill the space in our minds. Why is so difficult to fill the space on a blank page? To actualize creative thinking is an exploration that discovers, then brings together structures in a unified way.
 [ ...> ]

UK B2B Directories & Buyers Guides

Digital directory image

A list of UK B2B directories where you can list your business services and products for free. [ ...> ]

Digital design and publishing from our point-of-view.

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Brief stories and colourful characters along with a few words and pictures. Playful workings of the creative bits and pieces that make up our visual landscape in design, art, photography and print.  [ ...> ]

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