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If you could pick one colour for your logo what would it be and how would that influence your branding?

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"In the Pink", "Blue Sky Thinking", "Purple Prose" terms that all use colour to evoke mood. The same philosophy can be applied when choosing colours for a business or product logo. Colour matters and getting the combination to work for you in a postive way will enhance your brand with the people you are trying to attract.  [Learn More...>]

How professional designers can use design synectics to create impressive content.

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Ideas fill the space in our minds. Why is so difficult to fill the space on a blank page? To actualize creative thinking is an exploration that discovers, then brings together structures in a unified way.
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Digital design and publishing from our point-of-view.

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Brief stories and colourful characters along with a few words and pictures. Playful workings of the creative bits and pieces that make up our visual landscape in design, art, photography and print.  [Learn More...>]