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Colourful Characters - Colour Picks for Your Logo

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If you could pick one colour for your logo what would it be and how would that influence your branding?

"In the Pink", "Blue Sky Thinking", "Purple Prose" terms that all use colour to evoke mood. The same philosophy can be applied when choosing colours for a business or product logo. Colour matters and getting the combination to work for you in a postive way will enhance your brand with the people you are trying to attract.

Colour your thinking by asking yourself a few important questions about how you see your brand.

The final choice of colours will reflect on how your brand is recieved. Bright and bold may catch the eye but be seen as a bit brash; toned down colours evoke refinement but may appear bland; pastel colours embody freshness but maybe viewed as meek. To establish brand recognition across all your activities the pallette you colour your logo from needs careful consideration.

Six key pointers for an outstanding logo

A logo is the mainstay of your brand. Be sure that it's inspired by the values that engage and resonate with your audience.

  • Be unique and clever. Stand out from the crowd.
  • Understand the brand and it's values.
  • Colour is the key.
  • Identify your brand with a logotype or symbol.
  • Keep it easy and flexible to employ across all media.
  • Use online resources and tools.

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Pick One - Moody Blues.

Blue is by far the favourite colour of both men and women. So find a nice blue for your logo; job done! Safe, Boring and Bland. Personal preferences maybe the main critera for any colour choice, but context brings out the personality. Backgrounds, adjacent colours, combination and contrasts all play their part in shaping the perception. Add the form and symbolism of design to cast the spell.

Pick Two - Seeing Red.

Is power, passion and excitement your thing? Red demands attention, but can stick out like a sore thumb. True to type, it doesn't take well to sharing the limelight, so it's a big chum of grey or silver. Not for the faint hearted, but if you're planning to ruffle a few feathers, go for it. After all it is the colour of champions.

Pick Three - Going Green

It's in our nature to like green. Calm, relaxing and hopeful, the colour green cares about growth and nourishment. If you're caring and passionate about righting the wrongs of the world, green is a good choice. Green issues have become very popular, setting the trend in influencing and forming opinions.

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Pick Four - Oranges or Lemons?

Use sparingly. Bright orange is not that popular, so needs to toning down to generate the special warmth it can evoke. It's a classless colour, appreciated by the young and enthusiatic with a taste for adventure.

Although the most visually attractive colour after red, too much yellow can bring even the most robust eye to tears. Like being outside on the sunniest day of the year, the choice of shade is crucial. It's best used in small ways, to higlight or create visual impact.

Pick Five - It's Black or White

No compromise here then. Formal and stylish, Black is in a class of it's own for cool sophistication. But beware of it's intimidating and uncomprising nature that frightens people afraid of the dark. Clean, pure and virginal white brings clarity and luminosity to ground the colour on which it sits.

Pick Six - Grey Areas.

Grey could be seen as Silver, the colour of high value coinage. The positive aspects of grey are security, reliability and intelligence. Neurality is the main characteristic of grey, which prefers to stay in the background or to be used to compliment much stronger colours.

Your brand's character will be reflected in your choice of colour, font, and styling. Be sure it's distinctive and resonates with your customers. Be consistent and stay true to the brand values.

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