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Custom Logo Design Styled for a Distinctive Brand

Img New BookTek Logo

Logo Design © Studiografik

A unique signature created for a new online start-up.

A new logo custom made as part of the web branding for a specialised internet publisher supplying technical books, text books and lecture notes to computer science, engineering, and programming professionals.

The Client Brief

Building your brand online means having an overall vision that strikes a chord with your marketplace. The requirement here was for a logo that would enhance the brand values with a distinctive and engaging style.

Basic design elements

  • Custom logo design.
  • Modern design for website and branding.
  • Sleek/techy feel with an icon bias.

This is Phi.

Img this is phi

The 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. A symbol commonly used across all STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines. Why you'll become more intimate with this character will become clearer if you read on. (ref: Wikipedia)

Phi has many faces, one such is the representation of the golden ratio. (ref:LiquiSearch) Here it's going to be flipped as the base of the new logo design. Ideas get sketched out in a little black book.

Img Design work sketches

Visualising a few ideas for the logo style with rapid and rough scamps. Here are a selection of clean and contemporay colours are initially laid down with markers as potential wrappers for the logo style. A full colour swatch pallette will be worked out later.

Img initial design scamps Img colour design scamps

The next stage in the design concept.

From the B&W scamps and colour sketches vector artwork has been drawn in #Adobe Illustrator.

Img logo vector artwork

From this design, layout and colour concepts can be quickly rendered into digital artwork.

Digital Engineering

Working in Adobe Illustrator a colour swatch is created to explore the many variations that can be engineered in pursuit of the best fit for the brand.

Img logo style and colour swatches Img logo style and colour swatches

On to the selection of a suitable typeface that will enhance the styling and structure of the logo, laying the grounwork for a definitive identity.

Img type selection for branding

The Finished Article

Combining a fitting tyeface to accentuate the icon design begins to present the most attractive solutions for representing the values of the brand.

Img Logo styling Img Logo styling
Img Logo styling

The finished result is in keeping with the client brief. The custom logo is a sleek modern design that will reflect a unique identity across all media.

Img the completed custom logo design

Made to Measure Visual Branding

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