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Digital design and publishing from our point-of-view.

Brief stories and colourful characters along with a few words and pictures. Playful workings of the creative bits and pieces that make up our visual landscape in design, art, photography and print.

Stuff and nonsense the imagination can play with.

Maybe you'll join in the game, with all it's colour, mystery, magic, gossip, trivia, conflict, humour, heroism and villany. Hopefully our brief encounters will be a small chapter in your story.

But don't read to much into it.

This is not a "how to design blog" or "guide on becoming a designer". Nor is it a soap box for design politick. Other people are already doing a great job with those issues. What we will offer and share are any stimulating insights that we come across whilst treading our creative path.

So if we tickle your bits, good. If you think it's a piece of nonsense, that's ok too. Because without your point-of-view, there'd be nothing worth looking at.

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