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A website with powerful functionality plus an expansive coverage of support industry issues.

With a new creative impetus centred around the core values of the Olympic Support brand, attractive content works to improve the dynamics and interactive structure of the site.

From design to desktop, the content delivery and management is build around functionality and ease of use for client and partners.

A dynamic brand.

Functionality for client and partners.

Special graphics and diagrams.

Comprehensive products supported.

Creative content management.

Dynamic and interactive content was applied to a simple template structure. With subject linking within the text, any user is easily able to disseminate and find the crucial information vital to their decision making. Special features were highlighted with strong graphics and diagrams.

The sections and page content operated at four levels to ensure that reliable and consistent messaging matched the SEO strategy planned to get the business at the top of Google rankings for specific vendor support searches.

Olympic Support is a leading independent provider of multi-vendor enterprise support to the channel. With over two decades of specialist experience in multi vendor support, they enjoy an unrivalled reputation built on reducing maintenance costs and simplifying operational management. They are a truly global business bringing technical support to the enterprise at every level, in over 100 countries.

The SEO strategy, template design and content layout form a firm base for developing the planned gains in reseller business. Employing practical and effective data for landing pages, bounce rates and visitor numbers allows crucial information to be collected to determine future trends in the sector. This data will define support strategies that will better serve resellers and consolidate partnerships.

All-in-all a wealth of online business tools that reseller channel partners can employ to generate their own independent support business.

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