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Hardware Planet

A New Business Trading on a Custom Built Website

Hardware Planet is a broker of second user and refurbished IT kit selling across the UK and Europe.

Their aim is simple. To sell. So it is vital that they have a website that can do business by attracting enquiries and then converting those into sales. Bringing compelling features and offers together to drive home their offer was the order of the day

At the outset it was decided that a multiple offer concept with a clear call to action was the way forward.

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User centric resource.

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Built to be quickly updated.

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Driving sales messages.

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Styled to reflect their brand.

Compelling sales purpose in a competitive market.

As a small enterprise on a tight margins, the whole purpose of the site was to tailor features and offer benefits to clear stock quickly.

A key aspect of business development for Hardware Planet is knowing the source of their business leads. This information is crucial in determining the success of offers and finding the liquidated stock and end-of-life equipment they acquire.

A small database of customers and network of contacts is already in place. In order to maintain and build this database, the use of enquiry forms to collect visitor information on buying and selling is a valuable resource, readily available and simple to submit.

The information gathered can be analysed alongside a keyword strategy to identify which equipment has a high search volume and readily ranked. Regular monitoring of this data will determine which keywords are generating leads and increase opportunities to sell.

Planet Marketing specialise in the sourcing and supply of new and used Unix and mid-range computer hardware, systems and storage products. Stock is sold through Hardware Planet and includes Sun, HP, IBM hardware. The are able to supply the most up-to-date manufactured items and hard to source spares for legacy equipment.

As the business progresses and visitor information grows, the new offers and discounts on equipment can be changed easily and quickly updated as the market demands.

Our project for Planet Marketing has seen us create the logo, develop the brand, help in creating marketing strategy, design the templates, source the imagery, write and manage the content, all to ensure they trade every hour of every day.

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