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Website Design for Precious Gems

Getting to Know Precious Gems

An attractive and affordable online refresh from design to desktop.

If are interested in Crystal Healing, Geology or just want to own a beautiful, natural and unique object check out the new Precious Gems website design from Studiografik.

Working on from the original launch of their website they felt it was time to review the existing elements that required a fresh insight into the structure and focus of the content. With the fundementalsin place what was required now was a more marketable presence across social media that could promote their unique and sought-after pieces to more diverse audience.

Based in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter Precious Gems have a huge choice of stunning minerals, raw crystals, polished stones and jewellery ideal for the collector or crafter.

Making More of a Website for Precious Gems

Getting to know more about Precious Gems is achieved by a couple of essential elements that have been given prominance across the website. First is an upcoming events flash panel with a standard call to action on every page.

In addition a stock picture gallery of prestige minerals, crystals and gemstones has designed to show the unique nature and beauty of the objects on sale. New images can easily be added to the gallery and posted across social media to be shared with enthusiastic followers on a regular basis. There is also the capability to link these images to a full stocklist and catalogue of items for any future venture into online retailing.

Digital content and features for precious Gems to connect, communicate and expand.

  • Crafted digital content structured to be easily accessible and avialable across social media.
  • Fluid and functional design that is responsive on all devices.
  • Tightening up the copy content with a specific focus on encouraging people to "get to know" Precious Gems.
  • An prominent online gallery that showcases a huge range of quality pieces.
  • Optimized for all major search engines with all the basic meta tags, description, keywords and local links.
  • A local listing with Google My Business helps Precious Gems maximise their online exposure in local and organic search results.
  • Coded in HTML 5 with CSS, PHP scripting and Java functions.
Feedback from Shohab Irshad, MD@Precious Gems "I want to thank Studiografik for their great work in helping to redefine my business online."

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