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The complete package for marketing in print or publishing online.

The key skills for attractive corporate brochures, product catalogues, educational literature and business presentations as and when you need them. From devising the concept, writing the text, sourcing images and managing the complete production process.

Our client work has delivered attractive and affordable brochures, catalogues and literature for businesses, organisations and individuals operating in IT Services, Hardware, Support, Software Applications, Electronics, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction.

The full monty from concept to print.

Studiografik has been working with enterprising people for many years in the digital publishing and print arena. From concept to delivery our focus is to bring you professional quality results.

Marketing in print.

With an ever more array of media channels available, pragmatic choices about the best media for your message have to made. Marketing in print plays a more significant, creative and integrated role in that placement than ever before.

Ink still has an important role in marketing and promotional success. As the workhorse of any campaign, print is the most widely used direct method for any information, sales, marketing and promotions used by business and organizations.

Relying solely on digital campaigns, opt-in forms or advertising online cannot be the only ingredient in the marketing mix. Brochures and catalogues stand out as an intimate showcase with their unique ability to stimulate and engage potential customers.

Digital publishing.

Creative literature, business brochures, product catalogues, newsletters, magazine or educational material, created specifically for digital publication and embedding into your website.

Publish in the way best suited to your readers.

• Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) | A universal standard for preserving original design, layout and styling, regardless of the application used to create the document.

• Dedicated Reader Formats | Electronic reading software designed for easy on screen reading developed by Sony, Microsoft and other e-reader platforms.

• Mobipocket Reader | Another dedicated format designed for the latest mobile phones.

• Epub | Currently the favourite industry standard with encryption and digital rights management programming.

Producing an interactive, page turning, digital publication is relatively inexpensive. Re-formatted from existing literature, distribution can be specifically targeted to reach important customers, prospects or subscribers. Ideal for test marketing services or products, without incurring excessive launch costs.

Digital artwork & production.

Whatever you're publishing needs, we have the digital production skills to generate artwork from existing website content, Word, Powerpoint and PDF files. Our full design for print service offers excellent value if you need to create your material from scratch. We can even produce product catalogues or directories straight from your database or spreadsheet, utilising third-party software that eliminates the need to re-format data and the mistakes inherent in copying data to other documents.

Quality design and attention to detail.

From concept to publication, our complete focus is on you and the most effective way of getting your story told. Getting to know you and your business is our first step in creating attractive and engaging corporate brochures, product catalogues and digital editions.

Brochure design mock-ups.

From initial scamps to a hard-copy mock-up. Ideal for presentation of creative concepts and styling for brochures and printed publications.

The brochure design mock-up gives you a clear example of the visual impact that the printed item will have and enables you to discuss any special finishes, inks or features with the material at hand.

Scamps to sketch out ideas and content for the pages.

Page templates for the mock-up stage are created.

The finished front and back cover designs are mounted..

Page spreads are carefully scored for sharper folds.

Dividers are used on the fold to firmly fix staples in position.

With spreads fixed, the mock up is folded and given a final trim.

The benefits of producing a brochure dummy as close as possible to the final printed material is that any revisions in the design can be made in a more open and informed manner. Paper quantities, bulk and weight can be determined accurately, important if it is part of a mailing campaign.

Colour printing & print management.

Studiografik design to deliver quality and cost-effective colour printing. We have build strong relationships with specialist and trade printers that offer the speed and cost benefits of the latest digital technology and the excellence of traditional colour litho.

For any promotional print where reduced costs, smaller quantities and quick turnaround are essential, new technology has made digital colour printing the ideal choice. With short run and on-demand printing you only pay for what you need, making it a preferred option for new businesses, individuals, small organisations and SME's with limited funds.

Flexible levels of service on contract or pay as you go.

Whether you're looking to increase visibility, promote your services or want to sell more online, we have the flexibility to manage the whole brochure design project or offer key services as and when needed. On contract or pay as you go, online or on call, you'll get the same customer centric focus, and attention to detail at competitive rates.

If you're looking to refresh your website, digital publishing, print promotions or branding, you can contact the studio directly or use the web form below.

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