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Building your Brand

Make your Brand Enduring

Branding is the key to any successful enterprise. It should be unique to you and your organisation, professionally designed and tailored to your individual values.

Building your brand means having an overall vision that resonates with your market across all it's activities. As you look to attract business, a strong and consistent identity will go a long way to strengthen your market presence.

Custom logo design

No matter what level a business or organisation operates at a strong logo and visual branding are vital to it's recognition. Across all it's marketing and communications the logo is the first indicator of how a brand is perceived.

Custom logo designs for enterprising individuals, businesses and organisations.

Building your brand requires both a visual awareness and inspired thinking. A custom logo tailored to your USP will lay the groundwork for a rewarding identity. Even a modest investment can pay back huge dividends, providing the business, organisation, services and products with a distinct and recognisable signature across all it's activities and media.

The power of branding helps you make your mark.

Every enterprise and organisation has its own vision, so defining the brand is an important priority. The positive impression you make on your audience will make the difference between winning and losing customers. Visual branding should be distinctive, engaging, consistent and true to the mission of your organisation.

A comprehensive brand audit will provide a blueprint that outlines where you stand in relation to your competitors. From that point-of-view you can align your key messages and values to model buyer aspirations that bring together all the essentials required to create an outstanding brand.

Refining the core elements.

Corporate identity is one of the most valuable visual assets an enterprise or organisation can possess. From logo design to house style it encompasses a whole range of visual elements which capture the essence of the business. It has to take into account the values of all the stakeholders then marry them into a cohesive and consistent unit that matches up to the key dynamics of the overall branding strategy.

Starting a new business, launching new product or service, changing the company's image or placing your products into new markets requires an experienced eye with the expertise and talent to create and implement consistent visual identity. Our corporate identity work embraces online and offline media. We can undertake the visual branding from creating a new logo through to online branding, marketing in print, digital publishing, business forms and stationery. We have crafted identities for clients ranging from small start ups requiring original design to establishing in-depth style guidelines for international enterprise. Studiografik provide an integrated and clearly defined strategy for your visual branding by working closely with you to understand the philosphy, positioning and values underpinning your offer.

"Branding is the ability to build credibility with your potential prospects and maintain their trust as long term customers. Your brand is always out there, so make certain that it's making a postive impression."

Website branding - a must for making more of your business online.

Creating a strong identifiable impression with your website audience and across social media networks is a critical factor in building brand credibility.

Refreshing your existing website content, updating out-of-date information and adding new stuff can seem a daunting and time consuming process. We can offer you lots of ideas and a wealth of experience for creating new content and structuring existing assets in a way you and your customers will value.

Building the visual framework.

In today's digital marketplace many new businesses may not have a lot of "photo-worthy" opportunities or the budget to employ bespoke photography. Adding graphics or icons as part of an online branding strategy can enhance the content and strengthen your offering.

Icons can be valuable clues for better inter-actions within website text and links. They can be sourced online or created from scratch in a style that reflects your logo. Custom drawn icons can become a unique signature and provide distinct anchor points across your website.

Building your brand requires both a visual awareness and inspired creative thinking. By helping you lay the foundations for the key internal and external criteria to be met, we can provide a graphic form and focus for your unique identity. Whatever the size of your business or organisation, Studiografik has a wealth of experience in bringing together all the visual components into a brand that stands firmly over time.

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