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Smartphones and tablets are rapidly becoming the first point of contact for web browsing.

Many business websites are now failing to attract visitors and falling behind the competition because they haven't kept pace with users. Older sites are in danger of becoming obsolete if they don't become responsive for use on mobile and tablet platforms.

This impacts directly on anyone planning a new website. Creating a fluid layout that will automatically adjust to display and function on all devices will be essential for attracting visitors. Users that can interact with you as they work, rest and play are more likely to make instant decisions that push enquiries and sales your way.

A responsive website design is also an important factor in search engine rankings as priority is now given to sites that are mobile and tablet friendly.

Making sure your website redesign is responsive across all platforms and devices.

If you have had a website for a few years you'll understand how crucial it is to your marketing and sales efforts. If it's still framed for traditional desktop viewing it's functionality and readability maybe seriously undermined by the small screen. Users will be put off by fiddly navigation and content that is difficult to see, so are unlikely to stay on your website for long.

Responsive design is about creating websites which automatically adjust themselves to look good on all devices from smartphones to large desktop monitors.

  • People can find you on the go, at home or at work
  • Mobile and tablets are the preferred means by which people communicate and connect
  • Browsers want to search online in quick and short bursts wherever they are
  • Smartphones are the first point of search for information needed immediately
  • People are more likely to purchase from mobile friendly sites
  • The majority of business users worldwide access the internet on multiple devices
  • Non-responsive websites will see their Google rankings fall

Revamping your website needn't be a daunting or expensive prospect. Put simply, responsive website design is about adapting layouts to viewing devices, rather than making a completely new site mobile compatible.

A responsive website re-design will build on the assets you have already have. The navigation, links, text and images can all be easily re-purposed into a fluid structure that allows the user to interact with you on which ever platform they prefer.

Although responsive and fluid design are still evolving the fundemental of good website design still apply. There are elements being established that are proven to work well across all screen sizes. These optimize structure and layout the content to focus on the user experience.

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