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The Essentials for an Attractive Website

Your website is the keystone of your brand and digital marketing. Be sure it reflects your philosophy and the values that resonate with your audience.

If you're starting from scratch, re-designing or re-defining your online activities it's important to align core values with strategic objectives. To tap into your customers aspirations you need the means to convey your story to the right people in a meaningful way.

Five key essentials for an effectve online brand.

  • Conducting a brand audit | "Where are you placed online and who is your target audience?"
  • Establishing USP | "Do your core values and objectives match those of your users?"
  • Developing a brand's creative elements | "How are you different?"
  • Strategies to establish the brand identity | "Which distribution platforms are going to bring the best returns?"
  • Analyze and refine your brand id | "Is your brand on track and maintaining momentum?"

Innovative and unique products, new and different ways you deliver services; all reflect a distinct personality that can be translated into an online brand that is attractive and engaging.

Make your online brand one that endures.

Every enterprise and organisation has its own vision, so defining the brand is an important priority. The positive impression you make on your audience will make the difference between winning and losing customers. A comprehensive brand audit will provide a blueprint that outlines your philosophy, values and where you stand in relation to your competitors. From that point-of-view you can align your key messages and values to model buyer aspirations.

Creating the brand's visual elements.

Building your brand online means having an overall vision that strikes a chord with your marketplace. Visual branding should be distinctive, engaging, consistent and true to the mission of your organisation. Creating a strong identifiable impression on your website audience and across social media networks is a must for building credibility and trust.

Refreshing your existing website content, updating out-of-date information and adding new stuff can seem a daunting and time consuming process. We can offer you lots of ideas and a wealth of experience for creating new content and structuring existing assets in a way you and your customers will value. Values integral to your online visibility and reputation.

Graphics can be a powerful factor in engaging your audience.

In today's digital marketplace many new businesses may not have a lot of "photo-worthy" opportunities or the budget to employ bespoke photography. Adding graphics, icons, technical illustrations or infographics as part of an online branding strategy can enhance the content and strengthen your offering.

Icons can be valuable clues for better inter-actions within website text and links. They can be sourced online or created from scratch in a style that reflects your brand. Custom drawn icons can become a unique signature and provide distinct anchor points across your website.

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